FioreDelCielo at EXPO 2015

On Friday, May 08 th, 2015

The Macchina di Santa Rosa di Viterbo – FioreDelCielo – realized and inaugurated in 2009 at Architecture and Vision by Andreas Vogler and Arturi Vittori is currently on exhibition at the World EXPO 2015 in Milano. With its 30m height it is one of the tallest structures at the EXPO site. It will be regularly illuminated at night. The Macchina di Santa Rosa di Viterbo is an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Enjoy, since it may be the last time FioreDelCielo may have been assembled. The new design by the previous competition winner follows more conservative tracks again. Please note the beauty of the Santa Rosa sculpture, realized by Swiss sculptor Pascal Baur.

Date: May – October, 2015

Location: EXPO 2015, Milano, Italy