Industrial Designer

Matteo Mazzero

(Montebelluna, May 4, 1987) Italian designer and aircraft pilot. He studied in Italy and Germany. In 2012, after graduating from the I.U.A.V. University of Venice in the Master Course of Industrial Product Design, with a final thesis project on private aircraft mobility, he collaborated with several studios of architects and designers as Michele De Lucchi, Paolo Orlandini and Arturo Vittori on a variety of design projects and with Jonathan Collection Foundation by Giancarlo Zanardo on the aircraft Caproni (Ca-30).
Afterwards, Mazzero moved to Germany in 2013 to continue to work in the field of industrial design at Architecture and Vision Studio. The experience lasted for a year, and has contributed to many projects like WarkaWater, Tappeto Volante, Porta Cielo, Fiore di Fuoco and Celsus.
Currently Mazzero works at Andreas Vogler Studio based in Munich developing and designing a high speed train.
Registered since 2010 at ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale), is also member at ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).