“MarsCruiserOne” is a pressurized, habitable rover, designed to allow exploration of the Moon and Mars during future space missions. The vehicle is a laboratory designed to accommodate 3 astronauts for up to 2 weeks before returning to the main base station. Characterized by omni-directional wheels especially suited to tackle rocky terrain, it travels at speeds of 5-10 kmh (3-6 mph). The interiors are designed to ensure maximum functionality and comfort for the crew.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler
Engineers: Stephen Ransom, G-Engineering, Explora
Movie: Architecture and Vision
Illustrations: Alessandro Natalini
Renderings: Architecture and Vision
Models: EOS GmbH, Self Group
Partnerships and Collaborations: EOS, McNeel Europe (Rhino 3D), Maxon (Cinema 4D), Self Group

Note: The project is based on the Mobile Pressurized Laboratory (MPL) concept of EADS Space Transportation