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Dear Colleagues and Friends,


2 years we are already biting into an important decade, where there is no time to loose. It started with a pandemic sedating most of the important turn-around tasks we all should be working on. “Wende” is the German word for turnaround. It became popular, when the wall came down in Berlin in 1989 and communist Germany was declared a historic failure and in that turn also many biographies of normal people living in the apparently wrong system. The ones successfully covering their history and became successful again in the Western system were named “Wendehälse” (Turn(-around) necks, or like the bird “wryneck”).

Today, the words of turnarounds are more popular than ever. We talk about “Verkehrswende” (Traffic turnaround) and “Energiewende” (Energy turnaround) just to mention some. When will the turnaround happen? What is our contribution to it? Will we be the wrynecks of tomorrow? Do we live in a world, where the bad tries to prevent to worse, or where the better overcomes to good? Will the coming generations blame us for a historical failure?
We are excited to be involved in at least two turnaround projects:
1. BahnAutonom Bayern2029:In this project we and my designer colleague and train expert Robert Künzler are bringing companies together for a fast track development of autonomous trains running on rural lines. We believe the technology is ready, but its needs courageous acting and financing to make use of the existing train infrastructure and digitize trains to make the traffic turnaround happen also on the country side.

2. GEO-LPS: Lunar Power Satellites: In this project we are joining Arthur Woods of AstroStrom and other international space experts exploring the construction of Space Power Satellites SPS constructed on the Moon. This European Space Agency ESA funded study looks at recent development in Space science and engineering to define a roadmap for generating a green “Space Option” for the energy turn-around.

And there is more, yet un-disclosed.

So, from down to the ground, on the tracks, up to orbits and the Moon. Infinity and beyond.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay or become future-driven as long as there is one.

Andreas Vogler

A wryneck (Wendehals) bird. Credits to Mathias Schäf from Nabu.de

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