‘MoonRolly’ or PLR (Pressurized Lunar Rover), is a phase 0/A study for the European Space Agency’s Aurora Core Exploration Programme, conducted with Thales Alenia as main contractor. The six-wheeled, pressurized rover is powered by solar arrays and fuel cells. It contains a scientific laboratory that allows 2 to 3 astronauts to perform exploration tasks supported by the rover’s robotic tools.

‘MoonRolly’ assures a challenging exploration range of 1000 km across the lunar surface moving at a maximum speed of 15 km/h, negotiating slopes of up to 30 degrees and obstacles up to 50 cm high. It will support multiple excursion missions of up to 14 days between servicing and re-supply.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision – Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler
Lead Contractor: Thales Alenia Space
(Maria­Antonietta Perino, Alessandro Bergamasco) Contractors: Space Application Systems, Verhaert, Gavazzi, Politecnico di Torino