EyeInTheSky was conceived as a special entry piece for ArsTechnica in Unterhaching near Munich. The event showcased a fascinating meld of art and technology through sculptures and interactive objects. The sculpture consists of a 1.86 diameter steel ring covered with dichroic acrylc glass and illuminated by 430 individually programmed LED lights. It generates the illusion of looking into an endless galaxy. As if, with a closer view, one could see through into another world. The sculpture is inspired by the idea to give insight into space, beyond the blue sky, where we discover fascinating new worlds brought to us by science and space telescopes.

Concept: EyeInTheSky is inspired by looking into space, beyong the blue sky where we discover fascinating new blinking worlds brought to us by by science and space telescopes. 

Materials: Steel, acrylic glass, dichroic film, ws2812B LED strips, Arduino Nano

Structure: Body hanging by five suspension cords over a large open space.

Technologies: Ardiuno Nano and LED strips

Dimensions: 1.86 m diameter

Weight: 60 kg


Team: Andreas Vogler, Matteo Mazzero, Allegra Santis

Support and Collaboration: Torsten Kresse, ars-technica organizer