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Dear Colleagues and Friends,



A new decade is beginning.

The ‘roaring’ or ‘golden’ twenties, the future may show. A decade, which hundred years ago belonged to the youth and the New, right after a terrible war. Today, in our split (western) society, which in demography is the oldest ever and in terms of internet and business culture is the most juvenile ever. Contrasts! The Teenage-ification of the internet is creeping up the whole age range and one may be inclined to abandon such a useful tool of communication because intelligent discourse does seem the get replaced by shitstorms (What a word!). Discourse cannot happen by likes and dislikes. As a teenager, one is trying to find his or her position in the complexity of the world by what one likes or not. As grown-up – if that state should ever be reached – one is more differentiated. You may ask yourself WHY something is liked or disliked. What is the hidden agenda, the motive, which is the point of view?

It is not NOW!!! (Another over-stressed word of 2019) the time to change the world. It is ALWAYS the time to work on our way HOW we see and understand the world.

In that sense, keep on questioning the world around you and not judging it. It may have a positive effect on you AND the world.

Yours sincerely…

Andreas Vogler


“Which way to go into the future?”

Image below: University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, Muttenz – a great building by pool architects!


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