Happy New Year 2021

On Tuesday, January 19 th, 2021




Saturday, 02/01/2021                    Andreas Vogler Studio Newsletter is occasional and irregular news from our design office.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


Hummm…. Happy?

A strange feeling living in cities with all bars and restaurants closed, now even shops. Viral. There is a lot of deprivation of what constitutes a city. But there is also a potential shown: Less cars, more bicycles. Did you notice, when you are walking through the streets, that you are looking more at the buildings? Here in Munich Schwabing there is still a considerable amount of Art-Deco Buildings, which survived the war, and now are more prominent, since the deprived consumer’s eye is looking for beauty, and there is its with colorful decoration, faces and fairytales on the façades.

Stolen life? Stolen election? We live in a time with many truths. Who thinks, there is only one? Truth only exists in its continuous search for it and once found, we look for the next. All knowledge is theory until it’s proven the opposite. Life is a wonder to be continuously discovered and explored and not a machine with a touch screen.


However, I would like to share a little anecdote with you:

After enjoying some years of “Press-one-button-get-the-perfect-Espresso” Nespresso coffee, I recently reactivated my LaPavoni Espresso machine. A wonderful small machine of Italian craftsmanship, where still each of its 101 parts is separately available. Dismantling it, replacing gaskets, descaling it. This is not a (one truth…) one button machine: Each espresso shot is different, depending on grinding, pressing the pad, heating it up, time and pressure of the lever with your arms muscles…. It is dependent from the environmental conditions, your condition, even your mood, I would say. When you pull the lever, you let the force of the steam-heated water pour into your freshly ground coffee, starting slowly to push the lever down, generating the filament of coffee rinsing into the cup, thinking of the far off tropic countries the coffee beans have been hand-picked, and finishing with the prefect crema…

No Nespresso can ever generate this moment of perfection, because, by pressing a button, you are deprived of being part of the process, you are just consumer and not prosumer. You don’t feel the pride of thousands of barristas….

Stay happy, positive.

Take care, also of the ones, who pick the coffee!

And stop by, when you are around, there’s also tea 😉

Andreas Vogler




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