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Richard Horden's desk

Open House at HCL Architects in London

Richard Horden Memorial Exhibition

It was an honor and pleasure to help preparing and setting up the Richard Horden Memorial Exhibition this year at HCL Architects in London, shown during the Open House Festival on 21st – 22nd September 2019.

To go through a majority of Richard Horden’s sketches, images, drawings etc, was just an eye-opener and reminder again, what an incredible creative output a single human being can have. His joy in nature, technology and people just comes across each single sketch.

He strongly informed my life as an architect and designer, and he was never short of energy and a quick sketch on a napkin to invent a new idea. Like this he informed many of my colleagues and our students at the Technical University in Munich.

Richard’s work displayed was from his early career; the AA, Spence & Webster, Family houses, Foster Associates, all the way through to projects he designed as the founder of Richard Horden Associates, and more recently, director of hcl architects. The display included personal sketches, videos, and models.

Andreas Vogler


Photo Credits: Agnese Sanvito, 2019 London