Since the introduction of biometric passports, the embassies and consulates of Switzerland all over the world needed new equipment to scan the biometric data of the Swiss citizens. About 150 biometric machines where delivered world-wide in black painted steel with mouse-grey curtains.  During the refurbishment of the Swiss General Consulate in Munich AV Studio was concerned about  the ‘Swissness’ of the consulate and proposed a new graphic design for the biometric machine, based on a new interpretation of the graphics of the Swiss passport. After the successful installation in Munich also Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hongkong and Vietnam showed interest in the new graphic design.

Design Team: Andreas Vogler, Matteo Mazzero
Client: General Consulate of Switzerland in Munich

Objectives: Apply ‘Swissness’ to the offical Swiss passport machine
Concept: Swiss Passport Graphics
Materials: Textiles, Adhesive films
Dimensions: 2,1×0,9m, h 2,0 m
Weight: 200 kg
Photos: Fabian Osterwalder
Project Number: 090