General Consulate of Switzerland Munich

Prime objective of the  conversion of the Swiss General Consulate in Munich was to achieve a maximum architectural openness, while providing the highest security standards. The bullet-proof glass of the security counter stays nearly invisible and is framed by a video and LED installation showing an alpine panorama. The graphic concept plays with the Swiss colours as well as with the Bavarian – or northern alpine colours – white-blue. 

Design Team: Andreas Vogler, Matteo Mazzero, Isabella Fanj, Kyunghwa Lee

Client: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft – Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL Bern, Schweiz
Background: Due to construction work the Swiss General Consulate of Munich needed to move to a new location very fast.
Objectives: Create a welcoming openess despite all the security measurements needed. Create a fresh and modern Swiss spirit.
Concept: Invisible security technology, light materials.
Materials: Corian, Silatec security glass, stainless steel, moss
Technologies: programmed LED illumination effects, coloured moss
Area: 245 sqm