MoonCapital is a design proposal for a Second Generation Habitation on the Moon located on the rim of Shackleton crater at the Lunar South Pole. It is based on current technology and scientific knowledge.The smallest community is constituted of two large domes, which are covered by regolith to protect people and plants from radiation. The modular system allows growth and extension as the new society on the Moon develops. Inside the domes are inflatable modules to house up to 60 people and for growing plants for food. MoonCapital contains facilities for research, production and leisure. A small hotel allows visitors to enjoy this special environment.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision – Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler
Collaboration:  Dario Martini, Raffi Tchakerian
Background: Future study of permanent Moon settlement in the year 2069
Objectives: Develop realistic scenario of how 60 people may live on the Moon 50 years from now
Concept: Two large domes wirh passive radiation protection containing habitation and green house modules
Dimensions: Main Dome ø 135 m, h 45 m
Regolith Coating: 3 m