‘LaFenice’ – ‘The Phoenix’ – is a competition-winning sculpture that represents the ‘memory’ of the city of Messina in Sicily. Located at its beautiful waterfront, it marks a connection between Earth and Sky, and Past and Future as it reflects the lights and movements of the city into the square. The name recalls the mythological bird reborn out of his own ashes—a symbol of hope and renewal. The power of this ancient story continues to live in the minds, hearts and souls of people. The abstract sculpture consists of three and a half highly reflective, slightly skewed double pyramids stacked on each other, representing growth and the up-lifting flight of the bird.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler
Collaboration: Simonetta D’Ottaviano, Lidija Jandric, Manuela Festa.
Engineering competition phase: Niccolo Baldassini, RFR Paris
Engineering Execution phase: Ingg. Gaetano Orlandi, Gabriele Ferro

Competition: 1st prize, July 2010
Realisation: April 2011
Location: Messina, Sicily
Client: Comune di Messina, Ufficio Programmi Complessi
Steel Construction: Inox Style S.r.l., Torgiano
Glass: La Corte S.n.c., Montefiascone
Foundations: Demoter S.p.a., Messina
Electrical: Impianti elettrici CF S.n.c., Montefiascone
Photos and Drawings: Architecture and Vision