In 2006 Architecture and Vision was selected for the Space-Designer Designed BirdHouse edition promoted by the Japanese BirdHouse Foundation, to design a birdhouse. Conceived to respond to the local ecosystem, the structure is the result of minutely detailed studies to provide shelter and sustenance to migrating birds, optimizing the available resources—sun, wind, rainwater—and the specific daytime heat gradient.

Design Team: Architecture and Vision (Arturo Vittori, Andreas Vogler)
Hand Painting: Michelle Gordon, Chicago
Engineers: G-Engineering
Prototype: Artico (carbon fiber elements), Riviplast (rapid prototyping milling machine), Navigare (mylar textile)
Renderings: Architecture and Vision
Partnerships and Collaborations: G-Engineering, McNeel Europe (Rhino 3D), Maxon (Cinema 4D), Self Group, Artico