Porta Cielo

PortaCielo is conceived for the Alghero Airport in Sardinia, to be installed outside in front of the main entrance. Inspired by the local Genius Loci, the artwork recalls with its conical shape the ancient local traditional architecture of the Nuraghe. The outer ring is made of stainless steel that reflects the dynamic surrounding environment. The central ring, with its organic and perforated shape, symbolizes the corals, another element of this region that gives its name to the airport itself: “Riviera dei Coralli”. Integrated LED lights suggestive scenographic effect after the sunset. The name, ‘Porta Cielo’ represents the new access of the city of Alghero, already an important central Mediterranean harbor, to new international connections through the sky.

Design Team: Arturo Vittori and Andreas Vogler (Architecture and Vision)
Collaboration: Gianni Massironi, Matteo Mazzero, Raffi Tchakerian
Structural Engineers: Gabriele Ferro & Gaetano Orlandi
Client: Alghero Airport

Concept: Abstract sculpture representing the monumentality of the Nuraghi structure and the organic growth of the corals reliefs
Materials: Reflective stainless steel, fiberglass
Weight: 3 tons