Villa Zarri Beer Factory near Bologna, Italy

Experimental BeerGarden

The old warehouse of the Villa Zarri beer brewery and it’s elegant garden with the original Villa Zarri shall be revived with a new concept of a beer experience world. The proposal is inspired by the liveliness of Bavarian beer gardens and new modern restaurant concepts and event gastronomy.

Architecturally a central boulevard isestablished, which connects the new street-side entrance to the refurbished warehouse and further to the park-like garden, where it links with the neo-baroque axis of the Villa Zarri. Along this boulevard the different theme events and spaces develop.

The materialisation is based on cortene steel and timber to generate a golden, beer-like atmosphere. This goes well with the industrial character of the prefab 1950s warehouse with its beautiful concrete roof vaults.

Project: Competition

Design Team: Andreas Vogler Studio
Andreas Vogler,  Sylwia Pawlowska