The building where the General Consulate of Switzerland in Munich is located offers a roof-top event space with a fantastic view of the Munich skyline and the English Garden. However, the roof terrace has a vaguely defined border obstructed by technical installations. The temporary installation of the alpine panorama is providing the space with a well-defined horizon at daytime and an extension of the interior space through its illumination at night-time. The panels represent a projection of the Alps based on NASA satellite data on a south viewing line extending from Munich to Baden-Würtemberg. The Alps are the common and joining natural feature of Bavaria and Switzerland.

Objectives: define the space of a temporary roof-top event location for the Swiss General consulate in Munich

Concept: Illuminated alpine Panorama printed on aluminium panels

Materials: Aluminium panels

Dimensions: 12m long, h 1,2 m

Weight: 260 kg


Design Team: Andreas Vogler, Matteo Mazzero

Client: Swiss Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics FBL